PCI Merchant Solutions

Today’s credit card processor and ISO’s are faced with an array of new and pre-existing requirements based on the current Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard Council (SSC) standards. The reality is PCI is here to stay and the stakeholders in card processing need to find solutions. Current requirements include the processors and the card brands wanting a solid solution for both monitoring and reporting each merchant accounts progress toward ultimately meeting compliance. The most complete knowledge base for such requirements is the site www.pcisecuritystandards.org and can be an invaluable reference tool. However, the majority of the information on the site is weighty and tiresome to review in any sort of detail. The fact is most merchant types require a self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and may also require a scan (this includes all I/P terminals, POS Systems, any internet transactions, etc). This need is what our solution is all about.

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  • Meets card brand reporting requirements
  • Scans are included

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